Asked Questions

How much does a gunite pool cost?
Entry level pricing for custom gunite pools starts at $90,000.
Do pool companies offer financing options?
Yes; your pool is an investment that will bring many years of entertainment to your family and friends and will also aid in the resale value of your home. Aloha Pools has partnered with HSF Financial. Contact us to inquire about financing options.
How do I know what type of pool will work in my backyard?
A design consultant from Aloha Pools can help you design the perfect pool to meet your needs. With your input plus the knowledge and creativity of our team, we can put together a package that meets or exceeds your expectations.
Is there anything I should consider when purchasing a new property in the Charlotte, NC area? As it pertains to the addition of a pool or spa project?
If you even think you would like to own a pool someday, do not purchase property without consulting a pool building professional. Aloha Pools has constructed hundreds of pools in the Charlotte area and is aware of setbacks and restrictions, including neighborhood requirements, national building codes, septic system placement, public utility easements or Duke watershed issues.
Is the backyard of my home big enough for a pool or spa?
Smaller backyards can often accommodate small pools; however it may require relocating power lines and the use of smaller rental equipment to shuttle dirt and materials through small spaces. It is a challenge, but we’ve built plenty of cool pools in tight spaces.
How long does it typically take to build a pool?
It is difficult to quote an exact time frame for pool construction as each design is unique and may incorporate additional hardscapes and overhead structures. Factors that can affect timelines may include weather delays, project complexity, city inspections, financing issues, etc. Typically, we complete most of our pools in 10-12 weeks (pool only) and 12-14 weeks for a pool/spa.
When is the best time to build a pool?
We build all year round. Fall and winter starts are a wonderful time because your project completion coincides with milder weather for new landscaping , plus you get a great jump on the season to enjoy your pool! Before Aloha Pools can begin construction, municipal and HOA approvals must be granted.

What type of pools
does Aloha construct?

What are the materials used in a concrete pool?
Gunite is the material used to built custom pools. It's mixed at the pool and shot onto a steel structure at a 6" depth. Once the plumbing system, drains, and returns are plumbed into the shell and back to the equipment and the electric and lights are run a final coating, (interior finish) is applied to the pool. This product is what gives your pool a smooth finish and ultimately determines the color of your pool water.
What is coping?
Coping is the material around the pool edge. It's what you sit on the edge of the pool. It comes in a standard 1'x 1' or custom sizes. Materials range from travertine to flagstone and even marble. It's like the frame of the pool.
What the difference between a pebble tec type surface and a plaster surface?
Traditional plaster surfaces are composed of Portland cement and crushed marble fines, and smooth by nature. They are available in many colors, through the addition of color pigments. A pebble tec type finish is an exposed aggregate, meaning there are small rocks embedded in the finish. While this surface provides a beautiful look, it tends to be rougher on the feet than a traditional plaster surface. Both of these finishes can easily last up to 20 years, but it's longevity depends on maintaining proper water chemistry.

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